Advising – Work in Progress

PhD Students
Ferran Naya, UPV (co-advisor with Joaquim Jorge, IST/UTL, Portugal).
Janaina Cavalcanti, UPV.
José Luís Soler, UPV (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, LENI/UPV).
Elena Olmos, UPV (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, LENI/UPV).
Enric Torres, UPV.

BEng Students
Esther García Hortelano.
Guillermo Navarro.

Thesis Completed

PhD Theses

  1. José Luís González García. Contribution to the multiobjective optimization of facility layout design. UPV, 21/10/05 (co-advisor with Antonio Hospitaler).
  2. José Luís Saorín Pérez. Study of the effect of multimedia technology and sketch based modeling on the development of spatial skills. UPV,  28/11/06.
  3. Eduardo González de Mendívil. A knowledge management framework to promote design reuse in a collaborative engineering environment using PLM tools. ITESM Monterrey, México, 15/05/08 (co-advisor with David Guerra, ITESM).
  4. Norena Martín Dorta. Analysis of use of mobile devices in the development of improvement strategies of spatial skills UPV, 21/12/09 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, ULL).
  5. Jorge Martín Gutiérrez. Design and evaluation of didactic contents for the development of spatial skills in the engineering domain. UPV, 29/03/10 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, ULL).
  6. Mauricio Hincapié. Reconfiguration model using knowledge based engineering systems: a machine tool case study. ITESM Monterrey, México, 7/12/11 (co-advisor with Gavid Güemes, ITESM, Monterrey, México).
  7. Gerardo Alducin. Social annotation as a tool for dynamic capture process of CAD design intent in the context of knowledge based engineering. UPV, 9/12/11  (co-advisor with David Guerra, CIDESI Texas, College Station, USA).
  8. Jorge de la Torre Cantero. Application of advanced graphics technologies as a support in the teaching-learning process of drawing, design and plastic arts. UPV, 31/10/13 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, DEHAES/ULL).
  9. Jorge Dorribo. Annotation mechanisms to manage design knowledge in complex parametric models and their effects on alteration and reusability. UPV, 28/11/14.
  10. Gustavo Salvador Herranz. Design and implementation of distributed spaces for collaborative learning using large interactive surface and tangible elements. UPV, 5/2/16 (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, UPV).
  11. Juan Carlos Rojas. Contribution to the emotional evaluation in product design by integrating eye tracking technology, semantic differential and evoked potentials (ERPs), UPV, 16/5/16 (co-advisor with Margarita Vergara, UJI).
  12. Jeffrey Otey. A contribution to conveying quality criteria in mechanical CAD models and assemblies through rubrics and comprehensive design intent quantification, UPV, 14/12/17 (co-advisor with Pedro Company, UJI).

MSc Theses

  1. Miguel Gil Beltrán. Virtual reality and internet. UJI-ESTCE, 24/07/1997.
  2. Rafael Giménez García. Virtual model of an automotive radiator. UJI-ESTCE, 20/12/1999.
  3. Javier Amat Cózar. Virtual model of an automotive radiator. UJI-ESTCE, 20/12/1999.
  4. Ruth León Saravia. Design and manufacturing process for a mechanical drag toy. UJI-UTEM Chile, 1999.
  5. Arturo Lereu Panach. Surface modeling analysis of complex parts in automotive radiators. UJI-ESTCE, 01/09/2000.
  6. Miguel Poquet Ferrer. Built-in down light design by means of parametric modeling tools. ETSII-UPV, 17/05/2001.
  7. David Miguel Martín. Development of a software application for hydrostatic stability analysis applied to the design, characterization and optimization of a floating object modelled by means of a 3D CAD system. ETSII-UPV, 29/06/2001.
  8. Pedro José Rodríguez Martínez. Design and implementation of a methodology for the management of the design process by means of PDM systems. ETSII-UPV, 01/03/2002.
  9. Guillermo Bruixola Casani.  Electric wheelchair to surpass architectural barriers. ETSII-UPV 28/02/2003.
  10. Fernando Chust Piles. Modelling of the design process and definition of a coding system for the implementation of a PDM system in the furniture industry. ETSII-UPV, 26/09/2003.
  11. Jürgen Klaus Riquelme Kolb.  Aerodynamics study on the recirculation of exhaust gases in a diesel locomotive. ETSII-UPV, 30/09/2004.
  12. Rafael Casquel del Campo. Application of rapid prototyping techniques in the new product development process. ETSII-UPV, 30/09/2004.
  13. Juan Antonio Hervás Presencia. Design of an automatic system for the selection of small elements. Application to canned mandarin segments. ETSII-UPV, 26/07/2005.
  14. Francisco Payá Gisbert.  Off-line programming environment for machining centers with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. ETSII-UPV, 28/04/2006.
  15. Miguel Poquet Ferrer. Design of a  palletizer for the citrus processing industry. ETSII-UPV, 26/05/2006.
  16. Sergio Miguel Martín.  Accessible game system for children’s playgrounds in the open air. ETSII-UPV, 29/09/2006.
  17. Hector Soler Aldeguer. Accessible urban waste container. ETSII-UPV, 22/12/2006.
  18. Jesús Martí Palop.  Definition and implementation of knowledge management methodologies in the automotive sector. Faurecia- ETSII-UPV, 27/09/2007.
  19. Francisco Daniel Moreno Nieto.  Design of an accessible automated teller machine. ETSID-UPV, 17/12/2008.
  20. Gerardo Alducin Quintero Mármol. Definition of best practices for product digital modeling in CAM simulation. ETSID-UPV, 22/12/2008.
  21. Roberto Ramón Martínez. Transfer mechanical system for wheelchairs. ETSII-UPV, 25/09/2009.
  22. Pascual David Perona Ruiz.  Reverse engineering and augmented reality techniques in the product design process. ETSII-UPV, 27/11/2009.
  23. Enric Torres Barchino. Methodologies of design and interaction with users.  A case study in a railway transport firm. ETSID-UPV 10/02/10.
  24. Manuel Bautista Císcar. Redesign of a planetary gearbox for a turbo-propulsion turbine. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2010.
  25. Jose Jorge Domínguez. Calculation, optimization and mechanical behaviour of a bike frame. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2010.
  26. Paola Folch. Biomechanical analysis of the upper limb in patients with Friedreich’s ataxia. ETSII-UPV, 24/9/2010.
  27. Manuel Navarro Payá. Design of a vertical refrigerated display for the hospitality industry. ETSII-UPV, 31/3/2011.
  28. Jorge Castro. Development of a security cable for the wheels of a Formula 1 car. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2011.
  29. Paola Cerdá, SHADE&AIR, design and development of a sunshade-fan. ETSID-UPV, 19/9/2011.
  30. Carlos Bernal. Design and development of a monoblock wheel. ETSID-UPV, 11/11/2011.
  31. Carlos Linares. Design of a variable volume container for liquids and a fresh food osmotic dehydrator.  ETSII-UPV, 26/10/2012.
  32. Juan Miguel Peiró.  Design of the support system for an optoelectronic device in weather avionics. ETSII-UPV, 30/11/2012.
  33. Alejandro Sendón. Development of an alert management system to improve production processes: application to the Ford Spain assembly plant. ETSII-UPV, 30/5/2013.
  34. Miguel Expósito. Application of eye tracking technology and semantic differential to the evaluation of ceramic floorings. ETSII-UPV, 25/7/2014.
  35. Arnau Almiñana. Implementation of a dynamic rubric system for the assessment of parametric CAD models’ quality. ETSII-UPV, 29/07/2015
  36. Alberto López Guillot. Design of a food display case. ETSII-UPV, 29/07/2015.
  37. Sandra Gil. Application of eye-tracking technology and semantic differential for assessing user perception. Case study on the design of packaging for healthy food products. ETSII-UPV, 25/09/2015.
  38. Sergio Bochons. Design and development of a test system for electronic products. ETSII-UPV, 30/10/2015.
  39. Ana Cosin. Improvement of the reusability of parametric CAD  models by advanced modeling methodologies: A case study on automotive parts. ETSII-UPV, 21/12/2015.
  40. José Manuel Martí. Launch process design of a foldable bike helmet by means of a market survey: competitor analysis and tactical marketing techniques. ETSII-UPV, 26/2/2016.
  41. Borja Sanfelix. Design of an electric bycicle for a public renting fleet of bycicles. ETSII-UPV, 23/3/2016.
  42. Noemí Bartomeu. Application of “eye -tracking ” technology for the comparison of virtual models and real products. ETSII-UPV, 30/6/2016.
  43. Fernando Martínez Álvaro. Design of a wheel suspension axle for a marketing purposes vehicle. ETSII-UPV, 30/6/2016.
  44. Eva García González. Application of event related potentials and semantic differentials for evaluating user perception. Case study on packaging design for healthy food products. ETSII-UPV 28/7/2016.
  45. Lluís Gómez. Contribution to the development and market launch of a foldable bicycle helmet of new generation. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  46. Mariluz Narváez. Application of eye-tracking technology and semantic differential  to the evaluation of user perception. Case study on the design of beer packaging. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  47. Francisco Bayona. Design of a welding tool for joining two automotive parts. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  48. Francisco Javier Domínguez.  Study of convergence and correlation in crash simulations with LS-DYNA for the design of an anticlimber system of a locomotive. ETSII-UPV 10/7/2017.
  49. Héctor Robledo. Creative destruction in vehicle interiors: development of a world class concept demonstrator. ETSII-UPV 25/7/2017.
  50. Telmo Sánchez. Redesign of an automatic industrial juicer to minimize the cleaning times. ETSII-UPV 28/7/2017.
  51. Victor García Llobregat. Virtual design of various coupling elements for the maintenance of automobile parts. ETSII-UPV 28/9/2017.

BEng thesis

  1. Alberto García Naixes. Application of event related potentials for evaluating consumer products. Case study on design style coherence. ETSII-UPV 14/9/16.