Advising – Work in Progress

PhD Students
Ferran Naya, UPV (co-advisor with Joaquim Jorge, IST/UTL, Portugal).
Jeffrey Otey, Texas A&M University (co-advisor with Pedro Compay, UJI).
Janaina Cavalcanti, UPV.
José Luís Soler, UPV (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, LENI/UPV).
Elena Olmos, UPV (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, LENI/UPV).
Enric Torres, UPV.

MSc Students
Victor García Llobregat.

BEng Students
Esther García Hortelano.
Guillermo Navarro.

Thesis Completed

PhD Theses

  1. José Luís González García. Contribution to the multiobjective optimization of facility layout design. UPV, 21/10/05 (co-advisor with Antonio Hospitaler).
  2. José Luís Saorín Pérez. Study of the effect of multimedia technology and sketch based modeling on the development of spatial skills. UPV,  28/11/06.
  3. Eduardo González de Mendívil. A knowledge management framework to promote design reuse in a collaborative engineering environment using PLM tools. ITESM Monterrey, México, 15/05/08 (co-advisor with David Guerra, ITESM).
  4. Norena Martín Dorta. Analysis of use of mobile devices in the development of improvement strategies of spatial skills UPV, 21/12/09 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, ULL).
  5. Jorge Martín Gutiérrez. Design and evaluation of didactic contents for the development of spatial skills in the engineering domain. UPV, 29/03/10 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, ULL).
  6. Mauricio Hincapié. Reconfiguration model using knowledge based engineering systems: a machine tool case study. ITESM Monterrey, México, 7/12/11 (co-advisor with Gavid Güemes, ITESM, Monterrey, México).
  7. Gerardo Alducin. Social annotation as a tool for dynamic capture process of CAD design intent in the context of knowledge based engineering. UPV, 9/12/11  (co-advisor with David Guerra, CIDESI Texas, College Station, USA).
  8. Jorge de la Torre Cantero. Application of advanced graphics technologies as a support in the teaching-learning process of drawing, design and plastic arts. UPV, 31/10/13 (co-advisor with José Luis Saorín, DEHAES/ULL).
  9. Jorge Dorribo. Annotation mechanisms to manage design knowledge in complex parametric models and their effects on alteration and reusability. UPV, 28/11/14.
  10. Gustavo Salvador Herranz. Design and implementation of distributed spaces for collaborative learning using large interactive surface and tangible elements. UPV, 5/2/16 (co-advisor with Mariano Alcañiz, UPV).
  11. Juan Carlos Rojas. Contribution to the emotional evaluation in product design by integrating eye tracking technology, semantic differential and evoked potentials (ERPs), UPV, 16/5/16 (co-advisor with Margarita Vergara, UJI).

MSc Theses

  1. Miguel Gil Beltrán. Virtual reality and internet. UJI-ESTCE, 24/07/1997.
  2. Rafael Giménez García. Virtual model of an automotive radiator. UJI-ESTCE, 20/12/1999.
  3. Javier Amat Cózar. Virtual model of an automotive radiator. UJI-ESTCE, 20/12/1999.
  4. Ruth León Saravia. Design and manufacturing process for a mechanical drag toy. UJI-UTEM Chile, 1999.
  5. Arturo Lereu Panach. Surface modeling analysis of complex parts in automotive radiators. UJI-ESTCE, 01/09/2000.
  6. Miguel Poquet Ferrer. Built-in down light design by means of parametric modeling tools. ETSII-UPV, 17/05/2001.
  7. David Miguel Martín. Development of a software application for hydrostatic stability analysis applied to the design, characterization and optimization of a floating object modelled by means of a 3D CAD system. ETSII-UPV, 29/06/2001.
  8. Pedro José Rodríguez Martínez. Design and implementation of a methodology for the management of the design process by means of PDM systems. ETSII-UPV, 01/03/2002.
  9. Guillermo Bruixola Casani.  Electric wheelchair to surpass architectural barriers. ETSII-UPV 28/02/2003.
  10. Fernando Chust Piles. Modelling of the design process and definition of a coding system for the implementation of a PDM system in the furniture industry. ETSII-UPV, 26/09/2003.
  11. Jürgen Klaus Riquelme Kolb.  Aerodynamics study on the recirculation of exhaust gases in a diesel locomotive. ETSII-UPV, 30/09/2004.
  12. Rafael Casquel del Campo. Application of rapid prototyping techniques in the new product development process. ETSII-UPV, 30/09/2004.
  13. Juan Antonio Hervás Presencia. Design of an automatic system for the selection of small elements. Application to canned mandarin segments. ETSII-UPV, 26/07/2005.
  14. Francisco Payá Gisbert.  Off-line programming environment for machining centers with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. ETSII-UPV, 28/04/2006.
  15. Miguel Poquet Ferrer. Design of a  palletizer for the citrus processing industry. ETSII-UPV, 26/05/2006.
  16. Sergio Miguel Martín.  Accessible game system for children’s playgrounds in the open air. ETSII-UPV, 29/09/2006.
  17. Hector Soler Aldeguer. Accessible urban waste container. ETSII-UPV, 22/12/2006.
  18. Jesús Martí Palop.  Definition and implementation of knowledge management methodologies in the automotive sector. Faurecia- ETSII-UPV, 27/09/2007.
  19. Francisco Daniel Moreno Nieto.  Design of an accessible automated teller machine. ETSID-UPV, 17/12/2008.
  20. Gerardo Alducin Quintero Mármol. Definition of best practices for product digital modeling in CAM simulation. ETSID-UPV, 22/12/2008.
  21. Roberto Ramón Martínez. Transfer mechanical system for wheelchairs. ETSII-UPV, 25/09/2009.
  22. Pascual David Perona Ruiz.  Reverse engineering and augmented reality techniques in the product design process. ETSII-UPV, 27/11/2009.
  23. Enric Torres Barchino. Methodologies of design and interaction with users.  A case study in a railway transport firm. ETSID-UPV 10/02/10.
  24. Manuel Bautista Císcar. Redesign of a planetary gearbox for a turbo-propulsion turbine. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2010.
  25. Jose Jorge Domínguez. Calculation, optimization and mechanical behaviour of a bike frame. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2010.
  26. Paola Folch. Biomechanical analysis of the upper limb in patients with Friedreich’s ataxia. ETSII-UPV, 24/9/2010.
  27. Manuel Navarro Payá. Design of a vertical refrigerated display for the hospitality industry. ETSII-UPV, 31/3/2011.
  28. Jorge Castro. Development of a security cable for the wheels of a Formula 1 car. ETSII-UPV, 26/7/2011.
  29. Paola Cerdá, SHADE&AIR, design and development of a sunshade-fan. ETSID-UPV, 19/9/2011.
  30. Carlos Bernal. Design and development of a monoblock wheel. ETSID-UPV, 11/11/2011.
  31. Carlos Linares. Design of a variable volume container for liquids and a fresh food osmotic dehydrator.  ETSII-UPV, 26/10/2012.
  32. Juan Miguel Peiró.  Design of the support system for an optoelectronic device in weather avionics. ETSII-UPV, 30/11/2012.
  33. Alejandro Sendón. Development of an alert management system to improve production processes: application to the Ford Spain assembly plant. ETSII-UPV, 30/5/2013.
  34. Miguel Expósito. Application of eye tracking technology and semantic differential to the evaluation of ceramic floorings. ETSII-UPV, 25/7/2014.
  35. Arnau Almiñana. Implementation of a dynamic rubric system for the assessment of parametric CAD models’ quality. ETSII-UPV, 29/07/2015
  36. Alberto López Guillot. Design of a food display case. ETSII-UPV, 29/07/2015.
  37. Sandra Gil. Application of eye-tracking technology and semantic differential for assessing user perception. Case study on the design of packaging for healthy food products. ETSII-UPV, 25/09/2015.
  38. Sergio Bochons. Design and development of a test system for electronic products. ETSII-UPV, 30/10/2015.
  39. Ana Cosin. Improvement of the reusability of parametric CAD  models by advanced modeling methodologies: A case study on automotive parts. ETSII-UPV, 21/12/2015.
  40. José Manuel Martí. Launch process design of a foldable bike helmet by means of a market survey: competitor analysis and tactical marketing techniques. ETSII-UPV, 26/2/2016.
  41. Borja Sanfelix. Design of an electric bycicle for a public renting fleet of bycicles. ETSII-UPV, 23/3/2016.
  42. Noemí Bartomeu. Application of “eye -tracking ” technology for the comparison of virtual models and real products. ETSII-UPV, 30/6/2016.
  43. Fernando Martínez Álvaro. Design of a wheel suspension axle for a marketing purposes vehicle. ETSII-UPV, 30/6/2016.
  44. Eva García González. Application of event related potentials and semantic differentials for evaluating user perception. Case study on packaging design for healthy food products. ETSII-UPV 28/7/2016.
  45. Lluís Gómez. Contribution to the development and market launch of a foldable bicycle helmet of new generation. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  46. Mariluz Narváez. Application of eye-tracking technology and semantic differential  to the evaluation of user perception. Case study on the design of beer packaging. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  47. Francisco Bayona. Design of a welding tool for joining two automotive parts. ETSII-UPV 30/9/2016.
  48. Francisco Javier Domínguez.  Study of convergence and correlation in crash simulations with LS-DYNA for the design of an anticlimber system of a locomotive. ETSII-UPV 10/7/2017.
  49. Héctor Robledo. Creative destruction in vehicle interiors: development of a world class concept demonstrator. ETSII-UPV 25/7/2017.
  50. Telmo Sánchez. Redesign of an automatic industrial juicer to minimize the cleaning times. ETSII-UPV 28/7/2017.

BEng thesis

  1. Alberto García Naixes. Application of event related potentials for evaluating consumer products. Case study on design style coherence. ETSII-UPV 14/9/16.